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January 15, 2009


Richard H. Serlin

You limited your sample to the top 100, due to a big lack of data. If you could look at all economics blogs, thousands or more, I don't think it would fit Pareto's 20/80 very well. It would probably be something like 2/80, or even more extreme. Plus, your data didn't include some of the huge ones like Krugman's.

Mark Wadsworth

Ah, the 80/20 rule, one of my favourite rules of thumb. It pops up everywhere.


Hi Richard,
Thanks for the visit and for the post.
Good spot. Gongol lists 150 sites with visitor scores.
Had the analysis included all, the ratio would have been 88:20 rather than 82: 20
And the 50 marker would have been 98:50 versus 95:50
That's still a good Pareto fit.
The post is a slight rail against the Chris Anderson Long Tail.
Hence the PDF

Bubble Meter

Gongol leaves out quite a few econ blogs. Where's Paul Krugman's blog? Where's News N Economics? Where's Bubble Meter?

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